Alan X. Reay


In seeking a way to better serve his clients, Alan X. Reay, president of Atlas Hospitality Group, has raised the bar of excellence in hospitality property brokerage. After several decades of experience in the hotel industry and in investment real estate brokerage, Reay put together a plan, a team, and established his own company. Before…

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Oliver L. Shah


Since 1997, Atlas Hospitality Group Executive Vice President Oliver L. Shah has brokered the sale of more California hotels/motels than any other broker or brokerage firm. Shah has represented clients that have closed over $2 billion of hotel sales, a record. Major clients include LNR Property, Inc., Wells Fargo Bank, C.W. Capital, Rabobank, One West…

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Wilson Wang


Wilson Wang is one of the founding members of Atlas Hospitality Group. Since its inception in 1997, Wang has been a significant part of Atlas and helped in creating the success stories of Atlas. Wang attained his Bachelor’s Degree from University of Southern California in 1993 with dual emphasis in Corporate Management and Real Estate…

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Sachin J. Shah


Sachin J. Shah was one of the founding members of Atlas Hospitality Group (AHG) in 1997. Having proven himself with years of dedication and perseverance, Shah was named a vice president. Along with his colleagues, Shah aspires to build the leading hospitality brokerage firm in California. Shah gained the respect of his clients through building…

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Robert J. Feist

Robert Feist 2

After graduating from California State University, Fullerton, with a degree in Business Administration, and a specialization in Real Estate Finance, Robert J. Feist began his real estate brokerage career in 1994 as a Sales Associate in a national brokerage firm. Feist sold a total of 23 properties in 24 months and was one of the…

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Justin B. Myers


Justin B. Myers graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences degree in Hospitality and Tourism with an emphasis on Hotel Business and Operations. Myers brought several years of hospitality operations experience to Atlas, where he quickly established himself as a successful team member. Since joining the company in 2005,…

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