Does Riverside County Need 89 More Hotels?

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Does Riverside County Need 89 More Hotels?
By Jonathan Lansner


Riverside County’s lodging industry has plans to add 89 more hotels after nine opened the past two years.

The annual hotel construction report from Atlas Hospitality shows 3 hotels opened in 2018 in Riverside County, half of the six in 2017. Last year’s openings had 447 rooms vs. 1,236 in ’17 — a drop of 64 percent.

That decline seems to be a fast-growth industry taking a breather than any actual slowdown.

The short run looks cool: 14 hotels were under construction at year-end vs. 13 in ’17. That lodging will hold 1,746 rooms vs. 1,909 a year earlier — a fall of 9 percent.

But Riverside County’s developers are in planning stages for an additional 75 hotels vs. 53 a year earlier — a rise of 42 percent. That lodging will hold 11,837 rooms vs. 9,422 a year earlier — a rise of 26 percent.

PS: Riverside County represented 6 percent of hotels opened statewide last year vs. 9 percent in ’17 and 7 percent of lodging being built or planned.

PPS: The average number of rooms per hotels recently built, under construction or planned is 156 vs. 141 statewide.

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