Does Orange County Need 72 More Hotels?

Does Orange County Need 72 More Hotels?

The Orange County Register

Does Orange County Need 72 More Hotels?
By Jonathan Lansner


Orange County got a trio of new hotels so far this year with 72 more in the works.

And Orange County isn’t alone. Regionally, 11 hotels just opened and 472 are in some stage of development, according to Atlas Hospitality’s first-half summary of the hotel construction scene.

Here are five Orange County hotel trends to know …

1. New: Three openings with 445 rooms — Hampton Inn & Suites in Irvine (164 rooms); Hilton Huntington Beach (addition) with 151 rooms; and Lido House in Newport Beach, 130 rooms.

2. Previously: Three openings with 461 rooms in 2017 and four new hotels with 1,078 rooms in 2016.

3. Building: Nine hotels under construction vs. eight a year ago — up 13 percent. Rooms being built total 2,391 — a 100 percent jump.

4. Drawing board: 63 hotels planned vs. 50 a year ago — up 26 percent. Rooms in planning total 10,756 — a 3 percent jump.

5. Current results: CBRE Hotels reports in 2018’s first five months room rates rose 3.9 percent in a year to $191 a night as 79.5 percent of rooms were full vs. 79.3 percent a year earlier.

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