Hotel Sales, Post-Pandemic, Offer Economic Hope

Hotel Sales, Post-Pandemic, Offer Economic Hope

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The economic impact of the pandemic rippled through just about every economic sector, category and even household. Travel and hospitality, though, got walloped in 2020, and lingering bruising in 2021.

The World Tourism and Travel Council expects a 6.2 percent jump from 2021’s overall tourism impact, globally. In the U.S., tourism/travel is expected to add $2 trillion to annual GDP.

In San Diego and other California cities, the sale of hotels is also seeing a resurgence – a possible bellwether of a solid recovery in the hospitality space.

Atlas Hospitality’s end-of-2021 survey/research report shows San Diego sales of properties here were up 122 percent – from 22 in 2020 to 49 in 2021.

The Hilton Mission Valley led sales in 2021 in terms of the total number of rooms on the block. The 350-room hotel sold for $66 million.

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