Orell A.

Alan, a man born into a family with a sense of humor, has proved himself over the past two decades as that and much, much more. Every January of every year for as long as I can remember Alan greets me at lunch with a firm handshake, a warm smile and English hello; he is my after-lunch speaker for the Southern California Chapter of the Appraisal Institute’s Southern California Real Estate Market Trends Seminar, an annual event that I have chaired for 23 years. With Alan comes an immeasurable expertise and trajectory of success in the hospitality industry that he and his team, the Atlas Hospitality Group shares year-after-year with real estate experts across the Southland.  Simply put, Alan is THE leader in the California hospitality industry. By that I mean a great deal more than transactional success. I mean accomplishment in his character, command of facts, humor, gracious company, dependability, follow-through, passion, friendship and word. He is there and you may count on him no matter what.

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